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The Promise of Gwinnett


Public education is a cornerstone of America, playing a key role in building a strong community and strong nation and working to ensure a future filled with promise for all students.

In recognition of the promise in every child, Gwinnett County Public Schools is celebrating 2016-17 as a Year of Promise for our students, for our staff, and for the community at large.

We are the future.


Simply put, our students are “the Promise of Gwinnett,” and what happens each and every day in the classroom helps them to fulfill their promise. Our students’ accomplishments— big and small, those recognized with awards and those that result from overcoming a challenge — reflect the promise that every student holds for a bright future.


“The Promise of Gwinnett” is a testament to the crucial role of public education. For only public schools offer every child the educational opportunities that can open a world of possibilities they otherwise might never know. Our GCPS team is committed to keeping its promise to our students and to our community!

Parents & Community

At its heart, “The Promise of Gwinnett” is found in the collective talents, will, passion, and dedication of all who make up the Gwinnett community. Whatever our ages, backgrounds, or status, we are partners in the promise. We all are needed to bring it to life.


Innovation: Dreaming Bigger to Expand the Promise of Gwinnett

During the month of March, Gwinnett County Public Schools is focusing on the role that innovation plays in helping students to fulfill their Promise. We know that big dreams can sputter out if students don’t have the knowledge and skills to make good on their dreams. Every student deserves a conducive learning environment and a range of diverse opportunities to expand their learning. Just as importantly, kids need encouragement to take intellectual risks and spread their wings in pursuit of their dreams. In Gwinnett, we’re committed to transforming the learning experience for our students. From hands-on opportunities and out-ofthe-box thinking to a robust digital toolbox and innovative classroom instruction, we’re priming students for success… now and in whatever future they can imagine!